Preparing for the Next Four Years

Four weeks have passed since election night. During this time people have been through a wide range of emotions as we imagine the impact the results may have on our everyday lives and on the lives of those around us. Many people are rightfully feeling anxious about the future.

At CAA we have been deeply troubled by President-elect Trump’s plans with xenophobic proposals targeting immigrants, Muslims, and workers, and his cabinet nominations of individuals with ties to White nationalism and deep misogyny. Donald Trump’s plans for his first 100 days call for ending immigration relief programs, cutting federal funding to Sanctuary Cities, expanding harsh immigration enforcement mechanisms, and profiling Muslims or anyone perceived to be Muslim. In addition, the Republican controlled Congress threatens to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would affect 2.7 million Asians and Pacific Islanders nationwide. All of these proposals threaten our community’s safety and hard fought civil and human rights.

Within this hostile environment, CAA affirms our commitment to a society where respect and dignity for immigrant communities are universally accepted. CAA and other advocates are already pushing for measures at the local and state levels to provide adequate support, protections, and resources to ensure the safety of our community who will be targeted in the years ahead.

In San Francisco, the Mayor has affirmed the City’s position as a Sanctuary City, and leaders of the State legislature have stated that California will continue to be a place of refuge, opportunities, and justice for everyone. CAA will continue to push local and state leaders to remain steadfast if and when San Francisco and California face federal repercussion because of these policies.

Our promise for action: strengthen our engagement with limited English proficient immigrants and connect community members to legal services to protect against unjust raids and deportations; empower people towards long-term movement building to resist injustice and proactively fight for what is right; and leverage the collective power of our stories, lives, and communities to fight for policies that move us towards fairness and justice.

CAA will keep you informed as plans take shape in coordination with other civil rights groups in San Francisco and across California to push back against xenophobic rhetoric and actions. We have a long four years ahead and CAA cannot do it alone. We hope to count on your moral and financial support to sustain the important work ahead. Please support our fight by making a donation today.


Annette Wong, Director of Programs
Santosh Seeram-Santana, Legislative Director

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