Sanctuary City: What you need to know and how you can help

With the announcement of the administration’s new immigration memos, this is undoubtedly a dangerous time for our communities, especially for immigrants who are being targeted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). As you may have read, there are reports of increased ICE operations in predominantly immigrant neighborhoods in California and throughout the country.

Here are some facts: In 1989 San Francisco passed a Sanctuary Ordinance to prohibit City employees from using City funds or resources to assist ICE in the enforcement of federal immigration law except when required by federal or state law.

However, while City officials have pledged to keep immigrant communities safe regardless of immigration status, they are not able to fully prevent federal agents from investigating, detaining and deporting individuals. This is why CAA is immediately stepping up. To help our immigrant community members, we are expanding our efforts in several ways.

To access any of these services, please call CAA at 415-274-6750. To report ICE presence in your neighborhood and workplace, call 415-200-1548 (confidential hotline).

  • Know Your Rights trainings for community members and groups that want to be a resource for immigrants and their families;
  • In-language confidential immigration pre-screenings, legal service referrals, and walk-in services;
  • Bi-weekly educational meetings, in-language, on a range of immigrant rights issues from accessing benefits to health care to emergency response safety planning;
  • A 24 Hour San Francisco Rapid Response Network that will provide in-language supportive services for individuals being detained by ICE at 415-200-1548;
  • Advocacy to ensure that all immigrants facing deportation have adequate legal representation; and
  • Timely and accurate information on federal immigration policy updates through Chinese language media.

Because of the increased demand for information, direct services, and mobilizations, we are seeking volunteers.

Can we count on you to spread the word and/or to volunteer? Below are just a few ways you can help. To sign up and see a full list of volunteer opportunities click here.

  • Being our eyes and ears if you witness ICE presence?
  • Sharing any experience with immigration law?
  • Volunteering your language skills in Cantonese and/or Mandarin?
  • Phone banking when our elected officials need to hear from the community on important issues?
  • Planning logistics for events and actions?
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