CAA’s Outreach Specialists Getting the Word Out on Non-Citizen Vote

Each outreach specialists is a graduate of our Leadership Development Institute, where immigrant community members participated in a series of interactive political education and skills-building workshops on issues such as voting rights. As a result, our outreach specialists are well equipped to present informed presentations and bring invaluable experience, knowledge, and excitement to our outreach efforts.

Between May and July, we have been researching and refining our presentation on non-citizen parent voting in San Francisco. The Outreach Specialists underwent many in depth trainings on immigration history and systems, the risks involved with voting as a non-citizen, and how to speak to journalists. At the same time, we contacted libraries, schools, Single Room Occupancy (SRO) families, and community organizations to coordinate collaborative outreach efforts. The Outreach Specialists are using every opportunity to talk with immigrant parents such as when they are accompanying their own kids at the park.

If you are connected to a school or any other institution that serves immigrant families, please get in touch with us so that we can expand our outreach network. Together we can distribute vital, accurate information about this new right to vote for non-citizen parents and encourage civic participation for all.

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