capital campaign


In 1969, CAA opened its first one-room office at 250 Columbus Street, and later migrated to Clay Street, Jackson Street, Waverly Place, and Stockton Street. In 1984, Lien Ying and Simmone Kuo generously gave CAA a permanent home at 17 Walter U. Lum Place. Facing Portsmouth Square Park, the location is also the site of San Francisco’s first book store dating back to 1849.

Dedicated to the Kuo family, the historic three-floor building was re-designed by a team led by architects Phil Choy, Larry Mock, and Ron Wallace. During the past 30 years, the Kuo Building has housed CAA staff and been a critical hub for direct services, training workshops, press conferences, education forums, and private receptions. The Kuo Building has hosted everyday people as well as members of Congress and the Cabinet of the United States.


Support for the Kuo Building will help bring CAA into the future. CAA is pleased to announce a capital campaign to raise $700,000 to continue the cause of civil rights, maintain CAA’s presence in San Francisco Chinatown, and support next generation social justice leaders.

  • Improved accessibility. To serve the entire community, the Kuo Building requires renovations to improve accessibility to the full range of CAA services and activities.
  • Modernized workspace. With more collaboration and external partnerships occurring, the Kuo Building will be updated to leverage current organizing approaches and new technology tools.
  • Tailored community service. With its central and historic location in Chinatown, the CAA community room will be re-focused to meet community needs not currently addressed by new public spaces in Chinatown.
  • Building a legacy. Having successfully housed CAA for more than 45 years, renovations and new funds for the Kuo Building will ensure continued advocacy and community service for generations to come.


Katheryn Fong, Co-Chair
Randall Lowe, Co-Chair
Henry Der
Paul Fong
Ricky Ho
Emily Leung
Emily Lee
Frances Lee
Rolland Lowe
Simon Teng
Kathy Turner
Germaine Q Wong

In addition to CAA’s heartfelt thanks to all the donors who gave generously toward the renovations, a special note of appreciation goes to the team at Mock/Wallace Architects, especially Larry Mock, Ron Wallace, and Chris Ahn for donating their services towards the building renovations; and to renowned artist Hung Liu and partner and noted art critic Jeff Kelley for helping conserve the special mural in the community room.


VISIONARY $100,000
Emily Lee
Rolland and Kathy Lowe

BENEFACTOR $50,000 to $99,999
Frances and Frankie G. Lee
John and Caroline Lee
Germaine Q Wong

PACESETTER $25,000 to $49,999
Simon and Theo Teng
Henry and Priscilla Der
Mamie How

CHAMPION $10,000 to $24,999
Paul and Maxine Fong
Vincent, William, and Ruby Pan
Lorraine Wong

PARTNER $5,000 to $9,999
Katheryn Fong and Andrew MacInnis
Laura Lai
Randall Lowe
Steven Owyang and Onilda Cheung
L. Ling-chi and Linda Wang
Sylvia Yee and Brian McCaffrey

SUPPORTER $2,500 to $4,999
Bernadette Chi and Raymond H. Sheen
Kaan and Eva Chin
Don Griffin
William and Sharon W. Jeong
Linda Lye
Lillian Sing
Kathy and Chuck Turner
Stella and Dick Wong
Family of Leung Kwan Ying

FRIEND $1,000 to 2,499
Douglas Chan
Wyman Chin
Christopher Chow
Aster and Janie Chuck
William Der and Susan Tsui
Cary Fong and Jennie Lew
Nattie and Raymond Fong
Charles and Gail Greene
Alfred and Sharlene Hall
Helen Hui
Darlene Jang and Wayne Barcelon
May and Larry Jew
Bernie and Virginia Lee
Jack W. Lee and Debbie Ching
John Jin Lee
Xiangyan Liu
William and Darlene Lock
Colleen Lye
Shirlene and Randall Nakano
Lester Olmstead-Rose and Arnel De Leon
Winchell and Jeanne Quock
David and Eleanor Szeto
Calvin Wong
Merilyn Wong and David McClain
Serena Wong
Phyllis Yee
Randall and Gale Yip
Kou Ping and Connie Y. Yu
Frank and Mae Yuen
Eddy Zheng

To Donate and Learn More

Donations can be made by credit card, check, or stock transfer. Please contact Susan Hsieh, Development Manager, at (415) 274-6760 x303 or shsieh(at) for more information.