community building

Though our constituency encompasses the broader APA community, our grassroots work prioritizes the needs of low-income, immigrant, and limited English proficient (LEP) individuals. These activities include leadership development for monolingual public school parents, employment services for newcomer jobseekers, and community education on issues that impact language minorities, communities of color, and new immigrants.

Leadership Development
CAA organizes public school parents and provides leadership development to improve LEP parental involvement in San Francisco Unified School District. Through CAA Parent Advocates, an education and advocacy group for limited-English proficient (LEP) parents, CAA supports parent-run advocacy trainings, educational workshops, and civic engagement opportunities.

Employment Services
CAA places hundreds of primarily immigrant jobseekers in construction and hospitality work, as well as vocational training programs. Our support includes general assistance, client advocacy, and information and referral work. Special efforts are made to reach dislocated garment workers and to improve access to opportunities in the construction trades.

Community Education
By providing walk-in hours, maintaining updated referral lists, and outreaching directly on immigration-related issues, CAA is a critical community resource for community services and activities. At the same time, CAA is a leading progressive Asian and Pacific American voice in the ethnic and mainstream media on issues ranging from stereotyping in the media, APA political participation, and pressing public policy questions.

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