issue advocacy

CAA advocates for programs, policies, and legislation to meet our communities’ needs, and to change or eliminate those that are harmful and discriminatory. Our advocacy includes research and analysis of policies that impact our constituents, community outreach and education, technical assistance to legislators and government administrators, and building advocacy networks and campaigns across racial and ethnic communities. Our core civil rights issues include language rights, immigrant rights, and racial justice.

Language Diversity
CAA fights for equal access to critical social services for limited-English proficient and immigrant residents. In San Francisco, we monitor implementation of the Language Access Ordinance with a focus on the City’s Office of Civic Engagement and Immigrant affairs that coordinates and centralizes language services and resources throughout City departments. In addition, we advocate for stronger language access and bilingual education policies in San Francisco public schools.

Immigrant Rights
CAA strives to create a society that fully embraces and values its immigrant population. As a founding member of the San Francisco Immigrant Legal Services and Education Network, CAA works with over a dozen agencies to provide and promote critically needed legal and social services to protect immigrant rights. In this capacity, CAA provides APA immigrants and the broader community with information about proposed changes to federal immigration laws and ensures residents are aware of City services and CBO resources available to immigrants.

Racial Justice
CAA combats multiple forms and manifestations of racism and racial hierarchy. This includes speaking out against harmful stereotypes, identifying and addressing discrimination, and advancing policies that promote racial and ethnic inclusion and equity. These include defending race-conscious affirmative action programs, school and workplace practices that promote diversity and reduce segregation, and practices that address the needs of the disadvantaged.

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