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CAA seeks to build and foster alliances that grow and sustain a progressive Asian and Pacific American movement. We believe affirmative action is necessary to intentionally combat all forms of discrimination and oppression.

Sacramento Legislative Office
CAA’s legislative office, California API Budget Partnership, works with Sacramento policymakers, advocates, and community members on budget and legislative proposals impacting Asian and Pacific Islander Americans in California. Conducted in partnership with the Asian Law Caucus and the Asian and Pacific American Legal Center (members of the Center for Advancing Justice), the office is helping to build a statewide presence for the progressive APA community committed to civil rights and equality.

API Equality – Northern California
API Equality – Northern California is a project of CAA that seeks to address discrimination, inequality, and the struggles of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) individuals within the context of the APA civil rights agenda. API Equality is building the capacity of APA community leaders and individuals to be effective civil rights advocates, and developing a statewide public education campaign and coalition.
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