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新報告: 三藩市市府雇用本地工人比率不到五成

華人權益促進會的的調查報告發現在過去7年間,三藩市有數據紀錄的 29個公共投資基建工程,大部分受聘工人及合約約商都來自三藩市以外。29個工程總計534萬工時中,本地工人參與的工程時數隻有24%。亞太裔工人更只佔其中的4.2%。


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CAA employs multiple strategies to create change. At the grassroots level, we nurture the ability of Asian and Pacific American communities to participate fully in civic life. At the public policy level, we advocate for system changes that create a more just and equitable society. Throughout our work we seek to build and foster alliances that strengthen and sustain a progressive Asian and Pacific American movement.


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